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Emergency Response Training












Emergency Response Training & Consultancy - Dublin - Limerick - Cork - Galway 

Emergency Response Training College is a discrete organisation with international capabilities in the emergency preparedness and emergency response arena.It is owned by the Stemil Group.

Our accredited Emergency Response Training courses are designed for workplaces whom have an on-site Emergency Response Team. These work sites are often in industries such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Chemicals and many more.

ERTC currently works with many emergency response teams to tailor their annual emergency response training requirements according to their site risks and procedures. We work with your company to determine the frequency and types of emergency response team training appropriate to your workplace equipment and workplace risks.

Often Emergency Response training continuation training sessions are run on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Upon a review of your training requirements, our personnel can determine the types of scenarios and training that your site may require.

The fusion of  knowledge, experience and expertise puts ERTC in an advantageous position. We  can draw on this amalgamation when understanding the complexities and intricacies involved in preparing for and responding to almost any emergency situation.

We have the skill-set to add value to organisations who need Emergency Response Training or  Emergency Response Consulting.